Your wedding day and nature have something in common.

The little elements are beautiful, the whole picture is extraordinary. 

You want the wildflowers and the lace. The tall trees and tight hugs. The snow capped peaks and genuine laughter. The details that make up the larger than life mountains and love surrounding you.

You’re here, because you want


Before I learn all about you, learn more about me, Kimi D 

After choosing a gorgeous location in Colorado to be the backdrop of lifelong memories, bringing all the important people in your world together, and curating a loving experience — you deserve a photographer who understands what this day means to you!

In order to truly get to know you, we need to get close!
close. Like “what are your itty bitty insecurities” close. Like “what embarrassing nicknames do you have for your dog” close. I want to know the ins and outs of every "why” behind your plans. I'll help in any way I can: location suggestions, timing advice, posing guidance, and all. 

I’ll truly know you

“tell me how you fell in love” 

While you’re living it up, I’ll intuitively recognize the intimate details and priceless interactions you’ll want to look back on.

Going into your wedding day,

Kimi ensured we got to be a part of the entire wedding and still get all the photos I dreamed of. Her ability to capture stunning photos of people with the added elements of nature are unlike any photos I have seen. Anyone who has the opportunity to have Kimi photograph a significant moment in their life will feel so lucky, just like I do.”

- Madison Harlow

“I am still going through my photos daily, even months later.

Check out the experience

What if the plan for your wedding day was as simple as: 


And what if we made that happen by creating a timeline around you two being able to enjoy your guest’s company and the view? Laying a foundation of trust so you can forget about what “needs” to happen next? Posing that feels effortless and portraits that are a breeze?

Sounds like a genuinely good time right? Right! Well good news — 

that’s the plan! 

Explore these unbeatable views and unbelievable love stories

Curtis + Kelsey

"The pictures you took absolutely blew us away!

They are stunning and we are so appreciative of your style, the work you did, and the ease with which you did it! We are very, very grateful!"

These photographs will turn your memories into keepsakes. 
To have and to hold, forever.

Say "I do"