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Fact #1

There is never a dull moment in my home.  With a dog, two kiddos, and a hubby...we're a rowdy bunch!

Fact #2

I love mountains, deserts, beaches, oceans, rain forests, riverbeds, lakes, pine tree forests...I love being outside.

Fact #3

I'm an extrovert and love getting to meet people!

"Kimi was truly exceptional. She took my engagement photos and let me just tell you, IT couldn't have been better.  She helped my now fiance with every detail, going the extra mile every time so that the proposal would turn out to be perfect, and it was. (We are not from vail, so she even recommended my fiancĂ© the most romantic places where he could propose)
She took the most amazing pictures of our proposal and afterwards made us feel so comfortable and happy with the photoshoot we did. She's so kind and caring and she absolutely took the most wonderful pictures for us to relive that day over again.  I would definitely recommend her to  everyone."

- Alfred & Ana

"She absolutely took the most wonderful pictures for us to relive that day over again!"

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